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The Power of the Missing Skill

By: Makenzie Quada

We have all been in difficult situations where our emotions may have run rampant, relationships may have been hurt, or we simply made a mistake that affected others. These moments may have not been approached in the right way, but they tend to result in some of the best learning opportunities. As teachers, these difficult situations can be powerful moments when we can teach ourselves or our students important skills that may be missing. Through learning missing skills, we can become better individuals.

In Early Childhood Education (ECE) 202, we are taught the importance of seeing misbehaviors as a cry for help to teach a missing skill. This mindset allows teachers to look beyond the potentially frustrating situation and see the child holistically for all the skills they have and what they need to acquire. This idea has greatly changed my interactions with others this semester as I have been understanding the behaviors of myself and those around me. This class has taught me a new perspective of viewing interactions so that we may both be edified from our interaction. As I have come to interact with more elementary school students this semester, I have learned this perspective is critical in, not only preparing our students for the tests they will take, but for the various experiences and decisions they will have to make in life. Teachers can make a profound impact on the direction of students’ lives as they find the missing skills the children need and explicitly work with the student in acquiring it.

Throughout this semester, I have been trying to acquire all the necessary skills to be a good teacher. I have been overwhelmed with the skills I have come to learn I am missing; however, there is always One who is always there to teach me the missing skills. Jesus Christ, the master teacher, is the perfect exemplar of teaching each student what skills they are missing.

Since He truly understands who we are and our potential, Christ understands how to perfectly teach us missing skills as we traverse difficult situations. I have learned that there is great transformative power in being taught our missing skills. As we are open to learning our missing skills and overcoming them, Christ will make us the people He knows us to be.