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Christmas in the Classroom

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in 2nd grade was so much fun! I was not quite prepared for all the Christmas festivities that take place in a classroom before Christmas, but it was a blast! I was really grateful for the members of my grade level team and their willingness to share their tried-and-true Christmas ideas with me.

Parent Gifts

We made these festive wreath ornaments with a couple simple ingredients, including Ditalini pasta, Bowtie pasta, rubbing alcohol, green cardstock, hot glue, red ribbon, and lots of Elmer’s glue! We put this year’s school pictures in the middle. Students wrote their first name and the year on the back in green Sharpie (in their cute 2nd  grade handwriting!).

They included a handwritten letter to their parents with the ornament. We packaged them in brown paper bags that we decorated to look like reindeer and little gift tags. My students were so happy with how they turned out!

Christmas Around the World

Part of the Social Studies core in 2nd grade is learning about traditions. So, during rotations time (gym, art, computers, music) the two weeks before Christmas, students got to visit several different countries in a Christmas Around the World rotation. This year, students visited Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, and Austria!

Polar Express Day

The 2nd grade team puts together a whole day of Polar Express activities connected to the core. Students wear their pajamas and bring a stuffed animal to school. They get their own Polar Express ticket that gets punched at each “stop”. They also received their own bell. At the end of the day, we had a hot chocolate bar (put together by one of the parents) and watched the Polar Express movie. Students loved it!

Christmas Assemblies

There were many school-wide Christmas festivities, as well. There was a 4th grade program, a sing-a-long, and a Christmas program where each grade performed a Christmas song. The teachers prepared a flash mob dance to Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” that we performed at the final Christmas program. It was so much fun!

What holiday traditions will you have in your future classroom?


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