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Teaching in China

I have struggled to know how to write this, how to introduce myself and tell people that I want to include them in my adventure. I have come to the conclusion that starting at the beginning of my senior year in the Elementary Education Program at BYU is the best option.

Teaching in China 1

I was excited and eager to get in the classroom and discover that I was doing what I love!! I walked into the McKay building one day at the beginning of September and saw a sign that said “teach internationally” with a map of China, there was also signs with D.C. and Houston student teaching options. I felt a little something and immediately covered it with thoughts of how Asia was one of the last places I wanted to visit! I mean I hate fish! A week or so later I noticed the sign again as well as times of meetings to find out more. A few days later I found myself in a meeting with a group of Education Majors wanting to go to D.C. or Houston- not China. Again I told myself I was crazy! I didn’t want to go to China! Who would? Why would I want to teach internationally and change all of my plans? Despite my fears I kept coming back to this program that the McKay School offers. I had not heard about Clifford School before-or hadn’t paid attention. The semester went on and I was in a first grade class for my first practicum. I loved it. I fell in love with the students, the school, and aspects of being a teacher. The excitement was lit of soon being a teacher in my own classroom. A classroom that I get to set up, with students that I get to learn about. I couldn’t wait! I wasn’t going to go to China.

I went home for Christmas break and for some reason in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how the application for China was due the second week of school. I had so many fears. The list of cons were higher than the pros. I could not figure out why I could not shake the thought. I started to tell my friends and family at home that I was going to China just so I could convince myself it was a bad idea. I focused on all the reasons it would not be right for me

A few weeks later I was at school and printing my application for an internship when I stopped. I changed the information and turned in my application to Student Teach in China. I didn’t know if enough students were going, there wasn’t a faculty member who had agreed to go and in the back of my head I figured it would fall through and by the end of March I would interview for an internship and move forward in the career I knew I was going to love! But sometimes God has His own plans for us. Everything worked out. And now as September starts I find myself about to finish my second week in China. In such a short time I have found myself falling in love with the city skyline, Asians, Mandarin, the green, new experiences, and my students. I have even enjoyed some seafood! The heat and the cafeteria food on the other hand…. well I’m not sure I will fall in love with that.

Eating in China 2

Clifford School was set up in 1996 and the director is a Chinese man who studied a few years at BYU. Clifford School even shares a mascot with Brigham Young University. It started small but has since grown to have nearly 4,000 students! There’s a bilingual school, an international program, and even a small American History Program for 10th and 11th grades. Clifford School is the only private school in China allowed to administer SAT tests so that its graduating students can apply to U.S. universities. I happen to be teaching in the International Elementary School. The school follows the Manitoba Standards with a period for Mandarin. I’m in Grade 5 and working under the mentorship of a Canadian Teacher that is on his fourth year of teaching in China after many years overseas teaching in other countries. I feel so lucky to learn new things and see other ways of education that will build my chest of knowledge and skills.

I hope you will follow me and four other student teachers as we participate in this adventure of student teaching on the other side of the world. I hope that through me the opportunities this program provides will be seen and more student teachers can enjoy this opportunity next year! Welcome to my view of Clifford International School.