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A Night to Remember

Imagine entering a big room where everyone shares one of your greatest passions in life. They see your potential, encourage you, and want you to succeed. No one comments about how “easy” your chosen field is, or how much money you won’t make. They give you loving advice. They tell you it will be worth it. You feel right at home.

These were some of my feelings during the recent Dinner with a Principal. This annual event is hosted by the McKay School of Education, here at BYU. Over thirty principals and Dinner with a Principal pic 2administrators from nearby school districts come to campus to dine with future educators. They gave us, future educators, pointers for upcoming interviews and future careers. I had several questions in mind as I prepared for this event and before we started talking, I was kind of intimidated. All of these educators have much more experience than I do. They are going to be the scary ones across from the big desk in interviews. And I thought going to the principal’s office was a scary thought in elementary school! Turns out, I had nothing to be afraid of. Once we started talking and getting to know each other, I realized how much we had in common. They each share the same passion for teaching that I have! Most of them have been teachers for many years and had great advice.

One sweet principal told me that when you get hired at a school, everyone knows you’re a new teacher. She said, “You were hired because they saw your potential. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect from the start. Don’t be hard on yourself”. How comforting and encouraging!

Did you have a chance to attend this year’s Dinner with a Principal? I would love to hear about your experience! If you didn’t have the chance to attend this year’s event, be sure to attend next year! It will be a night to remember!


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