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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I love this time of year when we get to wipe the slate (or the smart board) clean and start fresh, in a way. We put bad habits behind us and make resolutions for Happy-New-Yearhow we will be better in the coming year. Something that has been on my mind a lot lately, with the stress of choosing classes and the uncertainty of a new semester, is trust. Sister Worthen put some of my thoughts about this topic into words recently in her devotional address. She said, “There will be no guarantee that you will succeed. In such moments, you will have to decide for yourself, whether you will proceed with faith, or be brought to a standstill by a fear of failure. Being able to proceed when the specific outcome is not assured is one of the great tests of life.”

I was all signed up for classes this semester, when, over Christmas break, I felt like I needed to change a few things around. I did it, which meant I was on a waitlist for almost every class. Talk about feeling like your whole life is in limbo! But, I am learning to trust that somehow I will be able to register for the classes I need and that these rigorous classes are going to help me grow. It is important to get good grades and do your best, but, like Sister Worthen said, “It’s the growth that is important.” She continues, “After we have made the decision to act and proceed in faith, knowing that we have taken all the right steps… then we need to move forward and enjoy the process without too much concern for the specific, ultimate outcome. Things may occasionally turn out upside down or topsy-turvy, but with the proper perspective, we can enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from moving forward with faith.” I am grateful for her advice. As we begin this new year, I hope that we can all apply her advice and take risks, having faith and enjoying the journey. Sister Worthen promised us, “…as you move forward in faith, in those moments your life will be greatly blessed in ways you may not have fully anticipated.”

What helps you to trust and move forward, despite uncertainty?



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Somebody once said “My faith is in Jesus Christ, not in outcomes.” That’s what I try to remind myself when I get caught in worrying about what could happen. Thanks for reminding me to have trust, Kristie!

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