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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

It was 1981, Scott was a typical high school jock. He loved watching and playing sports, especially football. One team, stood 5834out to him, BYU. Their teamwork and passing skills impressed him. Jim McMahon was the quarterback. They were scoring, sometimes, 60 points in one game! The team peaked his interest. He scribbled down “Brigham Young University” on a scrap of paper and took it with him to school on Monday. He went to the school library and found out that BYU was affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He did some research (as much research as he could without “Google” and “Wikipedia”). He borrowed a Book of Mormon from the library, conducted his junior year research paper on the Mormon church, and met with the missionaries.

chapel-769706-galleryScott believed in God, regularly attended another church, and actively participated in the youth group program there. He was, however, quite fascinated with the Mormon church. He asked his youth group leaders if a few of the youth could tag along with him to the Mormon church on Sunday. He soon found out that the stake center was only a mile from his home. They complied. He had a wonderful experience.

Due to his family situation and the great distance between Ohio and Utah, Scott did not have the opportunity to attend Brigham Young University. He was, however, the first person in his family to ever attend college. A few years after college graduation, he and his high school sweetheart joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and left a legacy of learning and of the gospel of Jesus Christ to me, their daughter.

I will be forever grateful for my parents, who have taught me the importance of getting an education and of living the gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully. I hope to pass on that legacy of love to my own posterity. In what ways will you leave a lasting legacy?


4 thoughts on “Leaving a Lasting Legacy

  1. Wow, artistically written and I loved the genealogy aspect of this! I hope you share this with your children and keep it in a family history album!

    1. Candice, thank you! I will definitely add this to my journal or family history collection. I hope to remember all of the little details to share with my own children and pass on the legacy.

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