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The Reason I Teach

By: Jessica Lyon

Since it is Christmastime and the air is filled with cheer, I thought I’d post a cheery update! We talk about how there are reasons for the season of Christmastime, so I thought I’d share the reason for my season of teaching!

The reason I teach: the students. That is the only reason! I was talking to one of my students and she said, “I hate school and I hate teachers. Because teachers hate kids.” I couldn’t help myself from chuckling and saying, “Do you really think I’d be a teacher if I hated kids?” But really, I teach because I love the students!

My principal recently challenged me to plan something into each day that I love doing with my students, just for 15-20 minutes. I can’t tell you how much my love has grown for my students and how happy I am to see those 31 kids every day!

Just so you know a bit of the joy I feel daily, I thought I’d share some of my favorite kid-isms I’ve heard and seen over the past four months. Hopefully this will remind you of the reason you chose to be an educator. 🙂




My students were working on their Christmas art projects this week. One of my students looks up from his work and says,

“Mrs. Lyon—you’re the man!”

“Um… don’t you mean woman? I’m a girl. So shouldn’t I be the woman?”

“Nope, you’re the man.”

“But that doesn’t make sense…why can’t I be the woman?”

“Because if you were the woman, that just means you are a girl. If you are the man, that means you’re like the best ever.”


“Mrs. Lyon, can I tell you a joke?”

“Sure, bud!”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you. It’s kinda inappropriate.”

“Oh well, then maybe you shouldn’t…”

“It’s just about toilet paper! I’ll just tell you, why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?”

“I don’t know… why?”

“To get to the bottom!! hahahahaha get it?! (points to his bum) BOTTOM, eh? eh?”


Yesterday, I was eating lunch with my “Lucky Lunch Friend” and out of nowhere he says, “I’ve got a crush on someone in this class.” He tells me who it is, then I compliment him on how sneaky he is about it. We move on and then a little later he says, “I’m reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ and it has some great tips on how to get a girl to like you.” He proceeds to tell me that his first tip is “act like you’re not available.” I asked him what the rest were, but he said he hadn’t finished the book. This morning, he walked up and handed me this…

(My personal fave is the last one ;))



I was telling my class to settle down. I said I was getting tired of having to yell over them. One of my kids raised his hand and said, “It’s like you’re the queen and we’re the rebels.”


My kids got really loud today when they were getting ready to go, so I told them in a stern voice to go back to their desks and sit down. One student said to another, “Uh-oh, I think we woke up the mean teacher.”


The nurse told me she was going to come in to do a head check (lice check). The nurse just comes around with little sticks and pushes back their hair to check for lice. Here are a few of the comments:

“Do I have lace?”

“If I have lace, does that mean I have to shave my head?”

*cough* “Ahh!! She has lice!!!” “Lice doesn’t make you cough.”

“What if I have lice, what are you going to do?”

“I haven’t washed my hair in three days. I probably have lice.”

“Ooh that stick feels funny.”

“I wish I had four arms. Two to do my homework, and two to rub my head. Now that would be nice…”


One of my students got a blister on his hand and it popped today. He came up to me with the most adorable concerned face and could barely get his words out, “Mrs. Lyon, I hurt my hand. I pulled some skin off… and now… now you can see my MUSCLE!!” I calmly told him it was just his skin. “But Mrs. Lyon! It is PINK like my MUSCLES and it STINGS!!”


If you can’t see how rewarding (and entertaining) teaching is, you need to get your eyes checked! Or just look at the grin on my face during a carnival!


Happy last few weeks of school and teaching. And happy holidays!