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True Courage


I remember watching the Disney classics as a child. I sat in front of the screen and learned about true courage and bravery. Hercules taught me about the true nature of love. Mulan taught me that anyone can be a hero. Ariel taught me that I can overcome any foe. As I watched, my favorite movie characters taught me the meaning of true bravery. I realized these characters did not think of themselves, but instead looked to others. They made the right choices, not only when it was easy, but most importantly, when it was hard. C. S. Lewis wrote, “Since it is so likely that [children] will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”

Each Sunday, my husband and I work with a small group of four-year-old children. As I watch these children, I am surprised to learn so much about the pure nature of human beings. In our wonderful group there is a boy who suffers from physical ailments as well as some social difficulties. As the children play with one another, I am surprised to notice that the innocent children in our class do not even recognize that this young boy is different. Instead, they treat him exactly like they treat each other: with love and respect. This is true courage. These children, despite their differences, reach out to one another. As a teacher, look to your children. They will guide and teach you the importance of living bravely.

Today’s world is full of those feigning bravery. In fact, the true nature of courage is being buried. Instead of true bravery, people today attribute courage to those who are the loudest or hold the individual the strongest opinion. Instead, I believe courage is quiet and meek. Not all truly courageous acts are committed for the world to see. Courage is being a friend to those who have none. Courage is learning to say no when everyone around you tells you to say yes. Learn from your students the true meaning of courage and teach them. Your life and theirs will surely be blessed.


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