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BYU Women’s Conference


As the summer comes to a close and we look back at all the wonderful events that took place here at Brigham Young University, I would like to take a moment to discuss this year’s Women’s Conference. Walking onto campus and quickly noticing the growing number of women, my heart was warmed by the wonderful events and speeches that were taking place. These wonderful talks invoked confidence in their listeners, brought them spiritual security, and allowed women to feel supported in their beliefs. Ellen Young, a devoted Women’s Conference participant and close family friend, said when speaking about the joy she finds at Women’s Conference, “Women’s Conference for me, and I assume many of the participants, is a much needed break from the worries and strife of the world.” As you look deeper into this program, it is no wonder that women like Mrs. Young find Women’s Conference so enlightening. 

For two days, women have the opportunity to take time apart from their day-to-day lives and truly reflect and begin anew. My question is, how do you believe we can create in our classrooms the same feelings of love and renewal felt at Women’s Conference? The answer has many facets, but I believe the most important aspect that makes Women’s Conference so effective is the feeling of love that is so prevalent. Each individual is filled with a love of learning and of each other. I assert that a classroom cannot function without love. In the classroom, take time to help the students develop a love of learning. This is the most effective tool in the classroom and one that will touch the students’ lives. I personally flourish in classrooms where I first feel respected by my peers and then loved. In these scenarios, I have been able to come to a deeper level of learning. This is only created when each individual feels like they have something to add to the conversation. It is each teacher’s individual responsibility to create this atmosphere in their classrooms. This will lead to not only a greater level of learning but also an increased love for learning.


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