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Finding My Purpose

Finding My Purpose


Day in and out we all have thousands of experiences that form a lifetime of memories. I had many significant experiences in high school, but I believe that the most valuable high school experiences were those that impacted my life long after high school was over. As I walked the same halls day in and out I wasnt simply learning about history and science I was finding my purpose. As a high school student, I made many choices because I understood that I was forming a future for myself. One of those choices was to take a career teaching class. As a result of taking this class, I had the single most significant experience of my high school career. I found purpose and direction in life by mentoring a seven-year-old boy named Josh.

One day, while volunteering at the local elementary school, I met Josh. Josh was painfully shy, an unwilling worker, he showed signs of a mental disablity. For weeks, I worked with Josh as he struggled to pay attention and complete his assignments. He required constant reminders to stay on task. One day, as Josh and I were struggling through yet another worksheet, he looked up at me and said, “Miss Annie, thank you.” It was the first time I ever heard him speak after weeks of unanswered questions and written answers, he spoke! I looked down at him through my tears and said, “You’re welcome, Josh.” I almost danced as I left the school.

The next day, I came into the school with high hopes for my student. They were met. As I walked in, Josh ran up to me and proudly showed me that not only had he done the sheet I asked him to do, but another worksheet as well. I had often spent thirty to forty minutes helping Josh complete a simple worksheet and had to wonder how long he had labored to be able to finish these two sheets. He felt successful and it motivated him to work even harder. He gave up his time because he wanted to succeed. And Josh did just that. He began to excel in school. I saw him keeping pace with the other children and our visits together become less frequent and less necessary.

The truth is, Josh helped me more than I could have ever helped him. Because of him, I want to be an elementary school teacher. He showed me the struggle and joy of teaching and that all the trials are definitely worth the reward. This experience became my most significant high school experience because it gave me direction for my life. Josh helped me find my purpose.



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