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Battle of the Books

Do you have students who feel like this about reading?


Do you wish all your students were eager to read?


Try getting them excited through a program called Battle of the Books! This program is designed to make reading “fun and exciting” for students in third through sixth grade through a competition within their grade. Each grade does not need to participate. This can be done by one grade-level team. As a teacher, you may choose to create your own book lists and questions for your grade level team, as well as adapt to younger grades. You may even choose to only have your own students participate in the competition as a class.

Preparing for the Competition
Each grade, third through sixth, is given a list of 10-15 books that are on their reading level. Teachers introduce these books through Book Talks to help get students excited about reading them. Students in each class then volunteer to read the books for the competition. A schedule is created for the students to know when they need to have the books finished by and when the competition will take place. Students are usually given three to four months to read all of the books.

As the competition draws near, teachers should get the students excited by making this a big event. Parents should be invited to come watch. Within each grade, a competition that is similar to a jeopardy style trivia tournament about information from the books is held. At the end, a prizes can be given to the winners.

This is a great way to combine literacy with students’ competitiveness. If they don’t already, they may even grow to love books!



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