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Learning as a Light

Light bulbEvery once in a while, we invite guest bloggers to share some of their thoughts and experiences with us. Today we’re excited to share a post by Jessica Lyon, a senior at BYU. Enjoy!

All my life, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Here I am in the last portion of my schooling at BYU to become an elementary school teacher. When I sat in classes, I honestly never understood the relevance of what I was being taught. Teaching to me was something everyone could do. Everyone can be a teacher, right?

But, today I realized something. I no longer want to be a teacher. I want to be a leader, a mentor, a facilitator, a guide, an educator. It’s not all about opening up the kids’ brains and dumping everything possible into it. I have been thinking a lot about what education is really about. Education is about becoming a learner.

Why did we start schools in the first place? To educate ourselves so that we could learn more about everything. We weren’t content with just using the same knowledge forever. Learning never ends! As humans, our brains seek that learning and have that natural curiosity. You can see that in a child who always asks, “Why?” When we get older, it’s not that our curiosity is gone—it’s just stifled.

Life is all about learning. Sometimes I think as an adult that I’ve got it made and I know everything there is to know. I think that up until one of my students comes up and says, “Mrs. Lyon, did you know that…?” and then spouts off some brilliant fact or new idea.

My job isn’t to teach kids anything but how to learn. I simply enhance their learning by adding to what they have learned in the past. It’s not about the core or the test or the grades. It’s about being a learner.

Jessica Lyon is a senior from Cedar Hills, Utah studying Elementary Education. In her spare time she enjoys preparing her 3rd grade classroom for the Fall and learning about learning.


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