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Power of Love


I am going to change the world. ME! No, I am not incredibly talented, strong, fast, or even smart. But I will change the world! Not when I am old and wise, but today! You see, I am small. But inside there is something growing. FAST. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but in my heart it becomes something extraordinary. With each passing day it grows more powerful. You see, I am not just any woman. I am a teacher. And I am armed with love.

Cheesy, right? But as we enter the classroom, we have countless teaching tools, all of which are useless without love. Think back for a moment to those teachers that have changed your life or view on education. Were these teachers so memorable because of their subject mastery? Their ability to explain difficult subjects? Their air of grace and intelligence? Or maybe these teachers were so memorable because of their passion and love for their profession and students.

In my life, as I think back to a sea of effective teachers, I am not surprised to find that, although these teachers did have an in-depth understanding of the subjects, the way in which they made my classmates and I feel was their priority. This opened my eyes to the power of loving each student. Without the respect of their students, teachers’ efforts are crippled.

As teachers, we must not forget what led us to this profession. It is not the prestige or compensation, but love; love for learning, love for children, a desire to serve.

How are we going to change the lives of those around us without love?


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