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Teaching Philosophy


Ever since I was a child I have wanted to be a teacher. Early on in my education I fell in love with learning and school. I fell in love with the nearly silent hum of test taking, the crunch of a pencil sharpener, and the swoosh of turning the page in a textbook. But most of all I fell in love with the opportunities for service in schools. Because of my love for school I have strong beliefs about education. My beliefs are made up of many ever-changing parts, but include my view of my personal expectations for myself and my students, my view on student learning, my responsibility as a teacher, my abilities as a teacher and their affect on my students, and my contributions to the teaching profession. I believe my passion and values will have a great influence on education and those I teach.

Because of my experiences as a student, as a teacher, I have high expectations for the way I am to teach my students. I expect that I will teach with love and patience. As an individual, I love to serve, and, as a teacher, I have the greatest opportunity to serve those that I teach. Through the contrast I have seen in my education between those prepared to teach and those who do not understand the importance of their vocation, I am prepared to be an educator who motivates, that teaches the most important lesson of all- that learning is valuable and anyone, through hard work, can and will succeed. This translates to not only high expectations for myself but also high expectations for those that I teach.

As a professional student all my life, I can see those who are interested and involved in their education and those who are trying to scrape by. As a teacher I expect my students to listen, to come to understand the value of education, and to see that school is not about the grades but is instead about the knowledge that one gains.

My biggest expectation for my students on a social level is that of inclusion. I want my classroom to have a feeling of unity, and this is very much determined by the nature of the students in my class. I want all of my students to feel loved, so in my classroom there will be no room for unkindness and cruelty. By having a zero-tolerance policy for unkind behavior in my classroom, I believe my students will come to value kindness and each other. I expect a great deal of my students both academically and socially, and I believe that the more an educator expects from their students the more the students will expect of themselves.

Another important aspect of teaching I plan to use in my classroom is music. I plan to create and have songs for my students to be excited about the mundane tasks in the classroom. I believe that by allowing my students to have fun in the classroom setting they will be able to better focus and learn that school work can be both fun and educational. This is paramount and will create a way to call all my student’s attention and focus on one task. I believe as a teacher this will be an important tool and one that I will rely on.

I have a great responsibility as a teacher to use these learning tools in ways that will engage my students.I believe as a teacher I will have a philosophy of student first. If my students are unable to learn the concept the way I originally planned to teach it, I will simply change my plans to fit their needs. I believe this is the best way to foster learning in the classroom. I have made a commitment to lifelong learning and I plan to continue this even during my teaching. As an educator, I will listen to my students and their parents and learn about their specific needs. Although I know that I will not be able to cater to the needs of each individual student, I wish to learn about their needs and learn the best way to help my students succeed. I believe that at times this philosophy will be a test of my pride as I have to change the plans that I viewed as flawless to fit my student’s needs. But I am more than willing to sacrifice my pride, time, and resources to change the lives of the students I come in contact with. I expect nothing less than greatness from myself as a teacher because I am shaping and forming lives each day at my job. Teaching and learning are fundamental in our society and I will not let my students down.

I have come to understand the true weight of teaching and the incredible responsibility teachers take into their hands on a daily basis in the classroom. They shape and form characters and futures. A teacher can excite their students about learning and their students may go on to change the world. As a future teacher, who am I to think I will not change the world? Each and every educator, for good or bad, molds the lives of those they teach. If I expect my students to strive to greatness as learners, as a teacher I need to have these same ideals and work each and every day to be the best teacher I can be because my students deserve nothing less.

I cannot wait to enter my classroom for the first time and hang up my brightly-colored posters and place my name tag on the desk. I will be a new teacher and lack experience in the classroom. I will not be the best teacher; I will make mistakes and lose my patience. But aside from all my faults someday I will be great because if nothing else I will love my students. More than any attribute or concept that I will learn in school, I know I will be a successful educator because I will love my students, and out of this love will come hard work, patience, and a desire to be the best possible teacher I can be. So even though I am not perfect, I know I will succeed because I cannot help but do my very best for those I love. In conclusion, at the base of all my beliefs about education there is a deep and lasting love for school and for my students that will make me successful, and more importantly, a love that will make my students successful.


What is your teaching philosophy?



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