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Talking Chips

Teaching Strategy #2


Give each student 1-3 plastic chips (or checkers). During a small group discussion, a student puts a chip in the middle of the circle when they get a turn to talk. Everyone must get rid of one chip before another can be used by anyone.


– Every student gets a chance to talk
– Students learn from each other
– Keeps them on-topic
– Small groups create a safe environment for students to add to the discussion/project (especially good for English-language learners)
– Pre- or post-assessment


Any topic can be discussed using this strategy. Some topic ideas include:

– phases of the moon
– animals
– weather

– group book discussions

Social Studies
– wars
– geographic locations


– The teacher can listen in and see what students still need to learn and where to guide instruction.
-OR- Summative
– Students can discuss everything they learned during a unit to sum up their learning.

– The teacher notes any student response to help guide the teaching.



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