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Stinky Kid

Every elementary school teacher struggles with that one student. You know the type-I’m talking about that stinky kid who picks his nose and flicks his boogers. That kid who seems constantly more interested in the happenings outside the window than that cute song you made up to help your class memorize the state capitals. This is the same kid who always has some sort of contraband on his person and seems to exist just to turn your hair gray. I am talking about that no-good, trouble-making, nuisance that administration put in your class as some form of sick punishment for being late to last year’s faculty meetings.

But what you probably don’t understand is that you and stinky kid both want exactly the same thing: out of the situation. You see, stinky kid has never liked school. Unlike your idyllic grade-school experience where you were teacher’s pet and mom’s little angel, stinky kid has never received much positive attention. He may come from a dysfunctional home that struggles to make ends meet. He was essentially raised by the television set and never got a kiss goodnight. Unlike your grade school posse with matching lunch pails, stinky kid sits alone at lunch.

You see, despite your initial mutual dislike of each other, you know that you can make a difference. What stinky kid doesn’t realize is that you have decided to change his life for the better. Your disgust turns to compassion as you work to build a friendship with him. It’s not easy at first, but with time you grow to like stinky kid. You come to understand that he is exceptionally good at mathematics. Each day you focus on his strengths and provide opportunities for him to learn in a safe and loving environment. Slowly stinky kid begins to feel comfortable in school. All your hard work is mirrored through stinky kid’s willingness to work. Although not the brightest of his class, he begins to pay attention and participate. You start telling your husband about this student named Chris who has finally reached grade level in reading. At the end of the year, you realize you will actually miss Chris. You know exactly what to do when you get another stinky kid next year, because you know what it really means to teach. You see, teaching isn’t just about cute songs and gold star stickers, it’s about loving and being a hero to those who have none.

New Blogger Introduction

Hey everybody! I’m the new blogger Annie. I am a junior in Elementary Education. A little bit about myself, I am a Montana native with a passion for potatoes in all of their forms. I married my best friend over christmas break. And now, we live in a comically small apartment that is full of practically every piece of sporting equipment known to man (Yes, we even own bowling shoes). I love BYU and I am so excited to be a part of this blog.


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