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Stanley’s Adventures

December 20, 2013
Today my adventure finally begins! The trip started in Portland, Oregon where I boarded the plane. I spent 16 long hours traveling over states, oceans, and countries until I finally landed in Denmark.

December 21, 2013
The Danish language sounds like gibberish to me. It’s really different from English, so I don’t understand a single thing they are saying.

December 24, 2013
I finally adjusted to the time difference and set out to experience the Danish culture. First, I went shopping for Danish ornaments to bring back to the United States. Being so small, shopping was definitely an interesting experience. Then, I went to visit a nice old lady in a nursing home. She was 87 years-old and got a bathrobe for Christmas.

December 25, 2013
Christmas was spent with a large Danish family. We ate tons of food that is common in their culture. They also sang lots of songs even though they aren’t very good singers. I just listened because I don’t speak Danish.

December 27, 2013
While visiting a castle, I fell into the moat and started floating away. The kind workers came to my rescue with a net and fished me out of the water. This was by far my most exciting adventure in Denmark.

Meet Stanley:

Hello! You are probably wondering who I am. My name is Stanley, Flat Stanley. I was a young first grader’s school project. Her school assignment was to send me somewhere exciting with a family member or friend during Christmas break. I went on a trip with her aunt to Denmark. All I brought with me was a camera and a journal to document my experience. After the trip, she told the class all about my adventures!

Lesson Idea

Flat Stanley is a fun unit to teach in elementary school. It can be adapted to any grade, but is commonly done in the primary grades (K-2). It is based on the book “Flat Stanley.” Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board. Now he is small enough to put in an envelope, mail, and go on many fun adventures. Every student gets their own Stanley to send on an adventure with a family member or friend anywhere in the world during a period of time like fall, spring, or Christmas break.

Connection to the Curriculum:

  • Sharing TIme

  • Social Studies

    • Geography – Where in the world is Stanley? Get out a map and pinpoint all the locations Stanley travels.

    • Culture – Explore the cultures where Stanley visits.

  • Language Arts

    • Writing – Prompts: Imagine you were flat. How did it happen? What could and couldn’t you do if you were flat? Where would you like to go if you could go on an adventure like Stanley?

  • Math

    • Measurement – Find objects around the classroom that are as tall or flat as Stanley.

    • Distance – How far did Stanley travel?

iPhone App:

Flat Stanley
Record Stanley’s adventures through this app that includes his journal, a map, and camera.


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