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Thinking Made Visible

Why Writing Matters and Tips for How to Improve Writing in Your Classroom

Bring out who they are!

Why is it important for children to learn how to write?

Life Skill
Writing is a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether we are physically using a pencil and paper or typing on a computer. It is used as a form of communication in school, work, and the community.

Expands Creativity
Brings out who the students really are.

Discover Their Identity
Writing can build students’ confidence. Emotional growth can also come as writing is often therapeutic.

Critical Thinking
Students can understand and communicate difficult concepts. They can form fully-developed opinions.

Caters to Different Learning Styles
Some students can learn better through writing than other forms of learning.

Sometimes You Have to Write to Think!

Writing in the Classroom:

Persuasive, narrative, imaginative, biographical, autobiographical, etc.

Dialogue Journals make writing more personal for the students and the teacher. The students are able to write about whatever they want. It is a risk-free environment, which is especially good for ELLs (English Language Learners). Teachers may choose whether to correct students’ writing or not and teachers can write back to the student if they so choose. By writing back to students, teachers are able to build better teacher-student relationships. It is a great way to really get to know the students in the classroom. Some students may only tell the teacher things through writing that could be important to know to help them be successful in school.

Class Blog—If you choose to have a class blog, why not have the students help write it?

Post Office—The students write letters and “mail” them to their friends. If you are ambitious, get the whole school involved!  This was done in the elementary school where I grew up and I remember writing to my sister who is two-and-a-half years older than I am.

Perform student-created plays.

 Oak Heights Elementary – 6th Grade Operetta, “Tom Sawyer”

Writing poetry is a great way to expand students’ vocabulary and work on grammar.

Newspaper Articles – Students can help write articles for a school newspaper. They could also write articles to the local newspaper.
Newsletters – Have the student section of the class newsletter where they can take turns writing an article about what they are learning or an “About Me” section.

As silly as it might sound, writing lists is actually a second grade standard that students have to meet. Once they are taught, it can be a fun and simple task for them to write lists at home and school. They could write a list of all the different animals they see that day, which could lead into a science lesson on animals and habitats.

“A little bit everyday is better than a lot in May.”
– The words of a valued professor, Dr. Brad Wilcox. –

How will you empower your students to write?


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