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List of Useful Apps for Students and Teachers

It’s time for teachers to embrace technology and iPads have become really popular in the classroom. With the many apps that have been created for educational purposes, it can be hard to figure out which ones will actually be useful and worth buying. To get your app collection started, I have developed a list of useful apps for students and teachers. Some of these apps have been recommended in my BYU education classes or seen in practicum and some of them I researched to add to the list.


Using your Scholastic account, buy Storia eBooks that have an embedded dictionary, read-to-me eBooks, learning activities, and reading reports. Ages 4+

An interactive app that helps kids learn their ABC’s and build their vocabulary. Ages 5 & under

Super Reader

Help children with reading and comprehension with many short stories followed by comprehension questions. Grades 1-2

A one to two player vocabulary building game where students can learn and practice prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, homonyms, and much more.

Makes literacy fun through animated songs and rhymes.

Students can create blogs in a secure environment and the teacher can monitor blog progress and manage when and if they go live. Ages 4+

Kids can learn letters, numbers, and shapes by tracing upper and lowercase letters, many three and four letter words, numbers 1-10, and 20 shapes. Teachers can add an unlimited number of their own words and pictures. Ages 4+

Four different dictionaries that kids can use to find the spelling, definition, and even pictures of a word. Ages 4+

~ MATH ~

Practice math skills at different grade levels. Grades 1-4

Sushi Monster

Aligned with the common core standards, students can practice and reinforce addition and multiplication skills through math games. Grades 3-6


Create geometric shapes with virtual rubber bands. Grades K-8

App to help learn and reinforce money counting skills. Ages 4+


Virtually dissect a frog with step by step instructions and 3D images. Ages 9+

Learn about many animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo through detailed descriptions, live cams, and movies. Ages 4+

Bill Nye

Learn science concepts by watching clips from some of the shows, playing various games, and through do-it-yourself science activities. Ages 9+


Information on current congressmen. Ages 9+

Learn the full Constitution with an explanation of the clauses and federalist papers. Ages 9+

Geography Drive

Learn state shapes, capitals, flags, and much more about all 50 states. Ages 4+

Learn state capitals, shapes, abbreviations, geographic locations, and much more through games. Earn a state for every level completed and unlock bonus games. Ages 4+

Stack the Countries

Learn country capitals, major cities, continents, flags, and much more through games. Earn a country for every level completed and unlock bonus games. Ages 4+


Learn many subjects like math and science with videos. Grades K-12


A whiteboard that records voice, handwriting, etc. so teachers can make video lessons for future use. Ages 4+

Storage service that teachers can use for storing and sharing files and lesson plans. Access on computers, iPads, and smartphones.

Create and present presentations. Can be accessed online. Ages 4+


Teachers can track attendance, grades, and behavior of students.

A behavior management system where students and the class can earn points to improve their behavior and have smother lessons.

Monitor the noise level with this noise level gauge. Alarm goes off when it is too loud.

App used for posting assignments, tracking grades, and sharing files.


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