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I recently finished an incredible block class called “Methods of Teaching.” In this eye-opening and inspiring course, we touched on a wide variety of education topics. This course expanded my teaching ideas, helped me form opinions, and enlivened my passions. It has been my favorite class at BYU so far and I was really sad when it ended.

As I looked through my notebook at all of the things I had learned from this class, I noticed a lot of fantastic information and ideas that I want to share with others. They are ideas of my own, from my classmates, and from our teachers of the course, Pam Musil and Kori Wakamatsu.

So, as part of my own debriefing, and for the benefit of you future teachers, I am going to list some of the observations that I starred in my notebook throughout the class. They are ideas to think about, questions to ponder, things to reflect upon, as well as things to look up about teaching and education. I hope you enjoy these thoughts and that they give you some things to consider!

Ideas to Think About

  • Making connections is vital! Help students connect what is learned in the classroom to their life and the world.

  • It’s not about you, it’s about the students. You don’t need to like your students, but they need you to like them. See the potential in your students.

  • Nurture the “whole” child: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social.

  • Rethink “failure.” Adopt a new conception of intelligence. Average is not normal.

  • Learn how to learn. Find the pleasure in learning and then never stop learning. Have a toolbox full of ideas you can pull from in the moment if things are not working out.

  • Management and motivation are both very important. Establish expectations (I love you enough to give you this consequence or opportunity) and then support both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

  • Relationships are key! There is a 10X2 rule to help with this: 2 interactions with a student unrelated to academics (human connection) in 10 days (2 school weeks) for improvement in relationships and behavior in class. If you establish a good relationship with your students, you can help them accomplish anything.

  • “Good teaching and learning does not mean ‘covering the material’ for students; it means uncovering the material with students.” -Karl Smith, Univ. of Minnesota.

  • Collaborate! Collaborate with other teachers, parents, administration, etc.

  • Advocacy is a verb and a noun. You must always be an advocate of teaching and of teaching your subject! We can’t afford to be silent. The Savior is our biggest advocate.


Questions to Consider

  • What is the difference between education and school? What qualities make a good teacher? (find a balance!) What makes a ‘great class’?

  • Match your surroundings and environments. Where is your heart at? Do you find joy in the progression of others?

  • What is professionalism and what all does it encompass?

  • What is culture and how does it affect our teaching? Be aware of the population you are teaching. Let go of stereotypes but keep informative knowledge.

  • What is ‘magic’ in the classroom and how can we create it? How can we help our students ‘transcend’ themselves?

  • What are the realities in teaching? Teaching is more than a science and skill, we need and have the help of Heavenly Father.


To Reflect Upon

  • Evaluate your strengths and challenges and how they interrelate.

  • What motivates you in a class?

  • As teachers, we can make a difference… how?

  • What are the things you believe about education? (think about the 13th Articles of Faith and how the values listed are organized)

To Look Up


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