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Know Your Options

There are many options in the Elementary Education program when it comes to where you want to teach during your practicum experiences and  student teaching or internship. There are two practicum semesters in the program (grades K-2 and grades 3-6). During the practicum, you go to your classes and learn the methods of teaching for eight weeks. Then you are placed in an elementary school for four weeks to practice teaching what you have been learning. Student teaching is the last semester in the program where you are placed in a mentor teacher’s classroom to teach. You have the option of doing an internship instead student teaching. If you choose that route, then you have your own classroom for the whole school year.


The McKay School of Education offers many unique experiences for those in practicum, student teaching, and an internship. There is even the option of a study abroad to Houston, Washington DC, China, or New Zealand! Here are some options to consider…

Partnership School District
– Takes place in Utah at one of the five partnership school districts, which include: Provo, Wasatch, Nebo, Alpine, or Jordan School District.

You have two options for this practicum experience!

1. Partnership School District
– Provo, Wasatch, Nebo, Alpine, or Jordan School District.
– You can do this practicum in the same school district you were in for the K-2 practicum or try another school district!


2. New Zealand Study Abroad!!
– Take all the same practicum classes in New Zealand with experts in Multicultural Ed, ELL Ed, and Literacy Ed.
– Tour the country
– Cultural teaching experience
– Only takes place during the winter semester Grades 3-6 Practicum
– Cost is ~$7,500 + airfare. Includes tuition, room & board.

For More Information:
New Zealand Study Abroad
Or e-mail Marie Tuttle –

If you are trying to decide between an internship or student teaching, check out Emily’s post, “Jump or Wade In,” to get a better idea about these options!!

STUDENT TEACHING: (one semester)
This experience is in a mentor teacher’s classroom for one semester in either Fall or Winter. Student teaching can take place in various locations in country, even China!

NOTE: For students who will be doing student teaching or an internship Fall 2014, applications are due January 15, 2014!! For students interested in China during Spring/Summer 2014, applications are due October 8, 2013!!

1. Partnership School District
– Provo, Wasatch, Nebo, Alpine, or Jordan School District


2. Houston Texas or Washington DC
– Experience teaching outside of Utah!
– Married – You must find your own housing and pay for it. You may also take your spouse with you. (Houston and DC)
– Single – The school provides housing, but you pay for it (DC)
– Single – You find your own housing and pay for it (Houston)

For More Information:
E-mail: Marie Tuttle –


3. China
– Occurs during Spring/Summer semesters
– Teach in a different culture! (in English)
– Cost: Tuition + ~$2,000 (expenses) + ~$1,500-2,000 (airfare)
– The last 3 weeks teaching in China is paid teaching (earn about $2,000)
– Housing is free, but you pay internet and utilities
– School will feed you 3 meals a day (Chinese food)

For More Information:
E-mail: Damon Bahr –
Phone: 801-422-6114
Office: 201-F MCKB


INTERNSHIP: (one school year)
Partnership School District—Provo, Wasatch, Nebo, Alpine, or Jordan
– Full-Time Teacher–you are the teacher on record
– Contracted to work for the whole school year
– Have your own classroom
– Paid half salary of a first year teacher
– All the benefits of a teacher
– High support
– Only pay Fall tuition
– Walk in April and graduate in June

Important Date for Fall 2014 EL ED Interns:
October 17th @ 11 am–Intern Information Meeting in 115 MCKB
February 20th @ 11 am–Intern Information Meeting in 115 MCKB
March 11th @ 4-5 pm–District Intern Meeting @ 2258/2260 Harmon Center
March 28th–First Round Interviews
April 4th–Second Round Interviews

– This is a content-based test. It tests your knowledge of the content you will be teaching. This must be passed in order to teach in Utah.
– Required in the state of Utah.
– It must be taken prior to starting student teaching or an internship.
– Practice tests, dates, and cost can be found at
– Test will be taken at a testing location. The closest one is Prometric in Lindon, UT.

For Elementary Education Students:
Test – EL ED Praxis Test Code – 5031
Multi-subject Test – Reading and language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science


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