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ImageAs time goes by, our students have more and more access to technology. So, it makes sense that classrooms across the nation are incorporating more technology into learning.

There is some debate as to how much technology use is too much in the classroom. Personally, I do think that there is great value to hands-on learning in the classroom without technology but I also think incorporating technology in teaching can create a more efficient and effective lesson.

One technology I have become very familiar with is the Promethean board. This allows videos to be used within a slideshow that helps children to learn. I also love this technology because the students can use the special pen (pen for the Pro board) to write on the board during various activities. I also have experience in a classroom where the students are at computers for 15 minutes a day working on reading comprehension in an interactive and fun manner. I think this use of technology is very beneficial for the child not just because they are working on reading comprehension but also because they are learning computer skills that are becoming more vital for success as the years go by.

I do really support technology in the classroom but I also think it should be mixed in with more traditional teaching to add variability to the class schedule. I think that both of these teaching styles/strategies are very beneficial in their own way but students reach optimal learning when both are integrated throughout the school year.


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