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TED Talks on Education

newpic-1Ever since watching my first one in my high school math class, I have grown to love TED talks and their intriguing ideas. TED talks are videos of “leading thinkers and doers” who say whatever they want the world to know in just 18 minutes or less. I find them fascinating and particularly love those that discuss education. I have chosen a few of my favorite TED talks on education to introduce briefly. If you would like to watch them, follow the links below.

  • Sir Ken Robinson “Schools Kill Creativity”: This is the most watched TED talk, currently having over 15 million views according to the TED talks website. Robinson talks about how the way our schools are set up can kill creativity just when the world needs it most. I have seen this video many times and still find it fascinating.

  • Diana Laufenberg “How to Learn? From Mistakes”: In this talk, Laufenberg discusses the importance of experiential learning, student voice, and embracing failure to empower our schools to provide vital learning when we already have access to all the information.

  • Charles Leadbeater “Education Innovation in the Slums”: Leadbetter talks about students in developing countries being “pulled” to schools instead of “pushed.” He talks about making schools more meaningful and applicable so students are drawn to learning instead of forced to process information.

  • Emily Pilloton “Teaching Design for Change”: Pilloton talks about using a unique design system to rescue a failing rural school system in North Carolina. I enjoyed seeing how she aims to make learning more applicable and exciting to the students there so they would be more “connected.”

If you’re interested in learning more about TED talks, click here.

If you would like more ideas on TED talks about education try some of these links:

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TED Talks “How we Learn” channel



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