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Readying for the PRAXIS

ImageUntil about a year ago I had never heard the term “PRAXIS”. Now it almost always in the back of my mind. Why is this? Well, the PRAXIS is a test that all educators need to take to ensure that children are receiving a good education from knowledgeable teachers. There are many different PRAXIS tests because of the many different states and all the different grades and subjects. Before I turned in my internship application and I had to register for the PRAXIS. Because of this, I became pretty familiar with the PRAXIS website. In case you are wondering or want to explore the world of PRAXIS you can go to

This webpage allows you to register, learn about and find out which specific PRAXIS test your state and major requires. The link below goes directly to the page that details which tests are required for which grades in the state of Utah.

I am an elementary education major in the state of Utah so the test I need to take is the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test which is test 5031. This means that I will be tested in reading and language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. I am usually a good test taker so I wasn’t too worried about this until I read some of the sample questions that can be found on the website. My interpretation of the test is basically like the tv show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” I actually have thought about watching that show to practice because this test does test content knowledge of grades K-6. While I may still watch that tv show to help me brush up on some of my knowledge, I also looked into buying some prep books. I first looked on and it seems that the trick is to find the book that matches the test number and title that you need to take. Once I started looking for books that were specifically for the 5031 test, I was able to select one that I felt would be best for me. Some of these prep books also contain a practice test which I find will be helpful in assessing where I am and where I need to be. Here is a link to one of the books I found:

All of us have different learning styles and maybe some of us remember our elementary school knowledge much better than others but my advice would be to start learning about and preparing for this test soon so that you only have to take it once.


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