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Rethinking Teaching: The Church’s New Youth Curriculum

newpic-1I was excited to hear the news that the church would start a new youth curriculum. As I have learned more about it, I have seen what a great new program it is and have even grown a little jealous of the youth that get to use it! I think the new curriculum, which is centered around being a more Christ-like teacher and helps the youth be more involved in the learning process, shows many important points that we can use in teaching our own classrooms.First, the new curriculum is designed to be more flexible so teachers can follow the Spirit and respond to the needs of each student. Flexibility is vital to teaching. Each person is incredibly different and we need to be responsive to each students’ needs. Even when teaching in a secular setting, we can and should still use the Spirit to help guide us in understanding and helping each student learn and succeed.

Second, the new curriculum shows that we as teachers can continually be revising and improving our classrooms. The church spent a lot of time and effort creating new curriculum, trying it out on small groups, and finally preparing for it to be used by the whole church. I think it is human nature to want to stay in one routine, but I think it’s wonderful that the church is continually seeking better ways to help youth learn. We too can diligently search for more effective methods of teaching and then be unafraid to implement them. We can know and study new innovations in teaching and decide how to use new strategies.

Thirdly, the new curriculum model requires a lot of student participation. The lesson outlines (not full lesson plans–just outlines of possible activities, scriptures, and questions so that they are flexible) are centered around class discussion and participation. Good participation can ignite a desire to learn and apply what was discussed, and I think that we as teachers should focus on doing everything we can to have class participation. In addition, I think that this flexibility and participation shows that we should care more about what students learn and apply instead of what material we get through.

These are just some of the wonderful things we can learn from the new youth curriculum. I am excited by it and hope that as a teacher I can follow and implement a similar method of teaching to better help students learn.

For more information on this new curriculum, visit the website here.

Topics for the year in the new youth curriculum
Topics for the year in the new youth curriculum

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