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Some of My Favorite Christmas Books

1055049069_RWjzA-L_2I came home to our baskets full of Christmas books on our fireplace. It reminded me of the wonderful spirit of Christmas that these books bring. My six year old sister asks me to read these books to her over and over at this time of year. What books help you to bring the spirit of CHRISTmas into your home?


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
This book is about a lonely widow and her son who visit a grumpy carpenter whom they have asked to create a small wooden nativity for them. The widow sits and knits while the carpenter works. Her son asks to help the carpenter, and he grudgingly obliges. Over the weeks, the heart of the carpenter is softened, and he individually comes to know each member of the nativity scene.


The Crippled Lamb
Joshua is a crippled lamb who is left behind when the shepherds take the rest of the flock to the next meadow. Joshua stays with Abigail, his cow friend. He feels left out until he is asked to come prepare the stable for visitors. Mary and Joseph come to the stable where Mary delivers Jesus. Joshua keeps Jesus warm in the night and finds out there is always a place for him.


The Christmas Story By Father Christmas
This is a sweet book that beautifully brings the tradition of Santa and the story of Christ’s birth together. Santa takes goes on a run in the woods and when he wakes up he tells the forest animals about the true meaning of Christmas.


Who is Coming to Our House?
This book is about the different animals that carefully prepare their stable for visitors. They must take time and care to make sure each part of their home is prepared for the newborn King.



I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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