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Being Thankful

Like most of you, I have always been a big fan of the holiday season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as the feelings of love and joy they bring with them. However, I also feel that Thanksgiving is often looked over and seen as just one more obstacle before it becomes socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music and decorate our houses. I know this Thanksgiving has passed already, but who says Thanksgiving is the only time of the year we can express our gratitude?

I feel that each day should be a day of thankfulness and gratitude. Of course we should be thankful for our family and friends, but what about the little everyday things like the “A” we miraculously just received on a test or the boy or girl who finally sat by us in class?These everyday details in our fabric of life are what make the fabric beautiful and unique. I think we should make an effort each day to take one or two minutes to think of the little things that happened that day to be grateful for. I have noticed the times when I stop to smell the roses are the times in my life when I am happiest.

I like to relate this to teaching since it is what we will all be doing at some point. In my classroom, I know problems will arise that make me feel upset or frustrated, but it is at those times that I will try my hardest to think of all the students and things in my class that I am thankful for. Hopefully this will help me see the bright side of the situation and cheerfully move on. I know from my experience in school that my favorite teachers were the ones who were happy and always willing to help. I want to be a teacher like this, and I think that one of the keys to being happy is being thankful.


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