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Obama and Romney on Education

In one of my classes, we discussed the educational views of President Obama and Governor Romney and I found it helpful. Here are some of the highlights of their views on education:

President Obama

  • Would continue to support Race to the Top, his new measure meant to stimulate innovation in education by rewarding schools that are coming up with new ways to face challenges.
  • Supports the Common Core, a common curriculum for the states.
  • Has granted waivers to many states to go around some aspects of No Child Left Behind and seems to only somewhat support it.
  • Wants to continue funding low interest student loans for post-secondary education.
  • Does not support vouchers.
  • Supports charter schools.
  • Has tried to boost the number of math, science, engineering and technology teachers by using incentives.
  • Will keep the Department of Education.

Governor Romney

  • Supports school choice, vouchers and charter schools.
  • Supports states creating a simple system of “report cards” to rate each school and hold schools accountable.
  • Supports parts of No Child Left Behind.
  • Wants to give grant money to states that implement policies to increase teacher effectiveness, such as ending/reforming teacher tenure, compensation for teachers who perform well and not using seniority in dismissal and transfer decisions. He says he will “stand up” to teacher unions.
  • Supports the Common Core but not the federal pressure for states to adopt them.
  • Plans to temporarily lower student loan interest, but not long term. He instead welcomes private sector and encourages college students to “shop around” for the best college prices.
  • Wants to keep Pell Grants but might decrease the amount granted.
  • Will keep the Department of Education but wants to give more power to the states.

For a more detailed report of their views, follow these links:


2 thoughts on “Obama and Romney on Education

  1. Mitt Romney has the best education system in his state of Ma. With that experience in his state, he knows what he is doing with the education. His state was rated number one in the United States for education. I think his records and accomplishments speaks for itself.

  2. Thank you for your comment! It is definitely interesting to look at what Obama and Romney have done in the past in regards to education.

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