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My name is Hannah.

My roommate dared me to entitle my first blog post with that sentence.  And I can’t resist a dare.  It’s the same impetuous desire to accomplish the daunting and seemingly impossible that provokes me to take dares which also ignites my passion for teaching.  I teach for the thrill and challenge of making a difference one life and lesson at a time in a world where life lessons are often overlooked.  I teach because when the odds (the funding, and seemingly everything) aren’t in your favor, it’s even more fun to win.

A little bit about me so you know/care why I care: I’m in the Elementary Music Education program. Five years, two degrees, limitless potential, and likely a lot of stories about kids and music for this blog . . . ready?  I’m doing this because it combines three of my great loves—music, kids, and teaching/learning.  The “why” behind music can be left to your imagination, but as fellow future teachers, you have a right to know why I teach.

I teach because I love watching people realize their own potential.  I love watching incredulous, giddy joy spread over my best friend’s face as she realizes she’s just crafted a brilliant thesis when she didn’t think she was a good writer.

I teach because humanity can’t afford to wilt without the knowledge and understanding that could have been transmitted if someone had cared enough to pass it along.  The resolute, determined, “I understand why that’s important” expression on my seven-year-old Primary boy’s face when he sings songs of faith and courage inspires me to keep teaching values and ideas that change lives.

I teach because it’s the perfect profession for optimists and dreamers like me who like to talk, write, and live in sweeping ideological statements.

I teach because I expect to be fascinated by what I learn. I teach because I believe others will also get a thrill from defining and refining their picture of life.

I teach because I can do.  (That whole, “Those who can’t do, teach” thing makes me acutely and profusely angry, so we’ll avoid that for now—suffice it to say, “Because I have given much, I too must give.”)

I teach because it’s a challenge, because I love, because humanity needs teachers, because I’m an idealist, because I expect, because I believe, because I can, because I have been given much.  As one of my best friends says, “If it’s possible and it’s worth it, why not?”

And on a more personal note, (as if the soul-baring ideals of my passion for teaching aren’t personal enough) I teach because there is in great teachers something I long to see in myself—a selflessness and desire for others’ growth that has conquered all ego and self-important strivings for fading applause and glory.



I love to write. I love to teach. I get to write about teaching. Lucky me.

One thought on “My name is Hannah.

  1. Hannah, I really enjoyed this blog post. Teaching is such a noble thing. Knowledge is so important and must be passed on. Those who can do (and not just those who can do, but those who do things well) truly must teach, otherwise our beautiful world will go nowhere. Teaching and education are truly the foundation of making this world a better place. If your purpose with this post was to inspire others to love teaching and desire to serve and help others gain knowledge, you did it. 🙂

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