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My Favorite Overlooked Parts of Teaching

Hello everyone! I hope your new school year is off to a good start! I know mine is.

Today I would like to post about something different. By now you know I love kids as well as the idea of helping them and affecting their lives. Today I want to talk about the other parts of teaching that I love.

For one, I love coloring. I really do. I used to think it was weird to like coloring after the age of six, but I have since discovered there are many people feel the same way I do. In fact, I’ll bet a lot of you do! There is just something so promising about the potential in all that blank, white space on a coloring page. I love it.

Bright colors are another thing I love about teaching. I love the colors of markers and crayons and the way they bring life to projects in the classroom. I love that little kids love bright colors. I love decorating with bright colors. I enjoy doing crafts with construction paper, because you can create anything you want out of bright sheets of color.

I also love kids’ senses of humor. I often don’t understand it, but just the fact that they think it is hilarious gets me laughing.  I just love that teachers are lucky enough to get to enjoy that humor all day and get paid for it!

I love reading children’s books. Well, I enjoy some of them. Children’s books can be clever in how they tell a story in so few words, especially compared to how long it takes adult novelists to tell a story. And they can be so funny for adults as well as children! Confession: I still love to read the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park. They crack me up. A lot of my favorite books would be considered “juvenile,” such as Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Some Construction Paper animals I made for my VAEdu 326 class

Lastly, I love making crafts for and in the classroom. I guess this goes along with the first two things, but I love scrapbooking and it really comes in handy when it comes to teaching. When I did an unpaid internship at an elementary school a couple years ago, walking into the room full of die-cutting tools was like I had died and gone to heaven! Of course, I had to stick to the teacher’s lesson plans, but just imagining the possibilities of access to that room excited me.

I know I sound like a nerd for loving all of these things so much, but I am just telling it like it is. There are so many aspects of teaching that I love, and I keep discovering more. What are some of the overlooked parts of teaching that you love?


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