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I attended a conference at church a few months ago where my stake president shared an experience about him learning to drive. He related that as he drove on the road in his lane, he became worried about moving towards the side of the road. He looked there and began to drive in that direction. His instructor told him, “Focus on where you want to go.” Whether you want to graduate from BYU, get accepted into a certain grad school, or even help a struggling student learn to read, this advice is so important–not just for driving.

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When I first started high school, I realized that it was very academically hard and difficult to find friends with good standards, but that I ultimately wanted to go to BYU, and I would have to succeed in high school in order to get there. It was with this realization that I started to truly focus on my school work, my grades, and my volunteer work. I made progress toward my ultimate goal and eventually made it there!
If you don’t focus on where you want to go, you most likely will not reach your destination. As you focus on that dream or goal, you constantly have to think about it and your everyday actions begin revolve around it. Those actions lead to progression toward that dream. I encourage you to think about “where you want to go” in the future and focus on that end goal because that is when you’ll start moving towards that dream.



I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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