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Education: What’s the Big Idea?

      What’s the point of education? Why do we bother spending ten to twenty years of our lives in a classroom? We want to learn, of course, but why?

      When it really comes down to it, we learn so we can have the ability to do something good in the world, to improve something, to add something better. Many organizations focus on education in third world countries because they want them to be able to not only better their lives, but their communities as well. Education is meant to have a ripple effect. This ripple effect is reflected in BYU’s motto: “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.”

      It’s easy to forget the big picture of education because of its commonplace for all of us. But all of those math problems, vocab words, and history projects are meant to give students the abilities they need to add something good to the world. That’s why education is so important to the community, and so exciting to me personally. I want to be a teacher so I can be part of this effort to drive the world toward something better.

     There is so much good that can be done. There is plenty of work for each of us to do. Whether it be changing government policies, helping people who are sick, marketing a helpful invention, or uplifting others through music, there are endless ways to improve the world and help others. Our job as teachers is to help students prepare for whatever way they choose. We can remind students of to help them see the big picture more clearly. Students are not writing a paper, studying a war in history, or learning multiplication tables just because someone told them to; they are doing it to develop skills, background knowledge, or critical thinking so that they are equipped to go out and make a difference.

     How has education prepared you or someone you know to improve something in the world?


2 thoughts on “Education: What’s the Big Idea?

  1. Chantelle, I’ve been reading up on some of your posts and I really appreciate your ideas. Thanks for writing, for loving teaching and sharing that love through your writing. The title of this post especially caught my eye and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Thanks for the galvinizing words.

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