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I spent last week in Disney World with my family. While we were there, I walked by this construction sign:

I love this quote because it totally applies to teachers working together in a school to plan and carry out different projects. In elementary school, the teachers of each specific grade would call themselves a team. They would coordinate lessons and plan activities together for our whole grade of four classes. They really worked as a team to make opportunities for us, as students. As I continued to ponder this quote, I thought that even the things that are accomplished with the teacher and the students in a class could be considered teamwork. It’s an exciting thing that is definitely a “tribute to [their] combined effort.”

I was watching my high school-aged brother play basketball last night and it was so fun to see him and his teammates work together and succeed on the court. They worked so well together. I can’t wait to see that magic working in the classroom, as well. This magic isn’t only something that can happen at Disney World–we can see it in our very own classrooms! For example, in fourth grade, my teacher had a star theme in our classroom. Our desks were arranged into five different groups and we had to work as a team, within our table, to earn stars that would be displayed on these 5 large stars (one for each team) that hung from the ceiling. It was an incentive to encourage your classmates to follow directions and to do kind things for others. This is just one simple way to encourage teamwork in the classroom.

Have you ever had an experience where people came together to accomplish something small or large? How did you feel when you were finished? Do you have any ideas of ways that you could incorporate this aspect of teamwork in a unique way in your future classroom?


I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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