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Fun Classes

Each time I have registered for classes, I have made sure to take a sort of “stress-relief” class. It’s a  class that isn’t too time-consuming or required, but is fun! BYU offers lots of classes that can provide a break from regular classes. One of my friends took private cello lessons for fun. She had never played the cello before, but was interested in it and has a talent for learning to play instruments, so she took it as a class! One of my friends took a home foods preparation class, which included a lecture and a lab. Here is a pie that she made (and shared!). This was only one of the many yummy things she got to make. Even your roommates can benefit from you taking this class!

Another one of my friends took both racquetball and volleyball classes. He loved it and was a pro at volleyball when we played with other friends. My first semester at BYU, I took a yoga class and it was great! It was very beneficial for me to take at least two hours a week to de-stress and relax. My second semester, I took a country Western/square dance class. It was very fun!

I want to challenge you to think about some of these options as you choose classes next semester. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take some time away from your busy week to relax and do something that you truly enjoy. These classes tend to fill up quickly, so think fast! Have you taken advantage of fun classes that BYU offers? I would love to hear what you have participated in–I need some ideas for next semester!



I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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