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Motivation and Inception

Hello! My name is Chantelle Moon, and I am very excited to start blogging. I am a freshman and will start the Elementary Education program this fall. Some of my favorite things include the piano, family, birds’ chirping, To Kill a Mockingbird, yoga, airplane take-offs, flowers, pasta, and (of course) teaching.

This year I have added volunteering to that list of favorite things. I currently volunteer with the Provo Youth Mentoring program and help a girl in kindergarten. This experience has taught me just a little bit of what it takes to motivate people to work hard and learn well.  Trying to motivate her reminds me of a high school leadership conference I attended. The keynote speaker told us that there are three ways to motivate people. The first is verbally, and t’s the most common but least effective. A reproving lecture usually doesn’t create real motivation, just annoyance or fear. The second way, which is more effective, is to show the person an experience of someone else that relates to the message you are trying to send. This helps people see deeper into the issue. But the most effective way to motivate people is through creating an experience for them so they learn things firsthand.

I realized that this relates well to the movie Inception. In this movie, a team of people try to plant an idea in someone’s mind through entering his dreams. In the movie plot, the actors have to go deep into a person’s dreams in order for an idea to take hold. This also made the dreamer think the idea was his own.

Motivation is similar. Motivators need to plant ideas “deeply” so people feel like the idea to complete a goal or work hard is their own. I think that is why creating an experience is vastly more influential than verbal persuasion. Going through some kind of experience helps people think through and develop their own ideas instead of simply being told something.I think this is very important for teachers. We cannot simply tell kids information or try to force them to work hard. Instead, we have to be creative in making experiences that the kids remember. Through these created experiences, students can learn the information and abilities to work hard and succeed.

Do you have a time when a teacher created an experience for you or you created an experience for someone else? What are your thoughts about it?


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