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Showcasing Science

Growing up I was always interested in science and math because it came easily to me and I enjoyed learning new concepts. I was always excited when the science fair came because I could work with my dad. My dad is an electrical engineer and he was always willing and able to help me think of ideas. However, I usually didn’t understand anything about the ideas so I always needed his help. Preparing projecting was also a chance for me to learn about something that none of my classmates (or teachers usually) knew about and I was then able to teach them about it through my science fair project. For this reason, I have very fond memories and views of science fairs and was excited when I heard about the Science Fair occurring right here at BYU.

Each year the McKay School of Education and the BYU-Public School Partnership sponsor the the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair. Winners receive cash prizes and scholarships, and some win the opportunity to compete on the national level—including the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for grades 5-8.

This year’s fair went from March 26th until the 29th and involved both elementary school projects and high school projects on different days. I had the opportunity to attend the fair on both an elementary school day and on the high school day. The last time I did a science fair project was in seventh grade so I had forgotten the excitement that goes along with setting up your project space and looking around and staking out the competition. Every person was chatting with their friends or parents and making sure that everything about their project was set up correctly and that they had all of their props properly displayed in front of their board. I was amazed at the caliber of the projects. The topics ranged from the traditional “which soil is better?” to wind power to one project that was testing to see if putting divots in a lacrosse ball would make it faster. I did not graduate from high school that long ago but I do not remember seeing anything as outstanding as these projects in any science fair.

I was thoroughly impressed by all of the projects and I am glad that I was not a judge because I do not know how I would have picked winners. The judges had their work cut out for them and found a way to select the winning projects. Below is the link where you can view the winners! Congratulations to all who participated and to the winning science fair projects!


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