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Facebook Contest Winner!

Recently, the McKay School of Education hosted an online contest. Participants of the contest posted their most inspirational teaching story to the McKay School Facebook page and the story that had the most likes won $25. Well folks, we have a winner!! But before I give you the winner, I want to share with you a few of the other inspirational stories that were shared with us.

Chelsey Styer shared:

“Though I am only a sophomore in high school, I have the wonderful opportunity to get to teach Kindergartners with special needs. I get to do this through a program in my school called the ‘Education Magnet Career Academy’. I’ve had the privilege of working with these students for two years now. I love their sweet spirits. Though, they have a special place in my heart, it is not easy working with them. There is one particular student that just doesn’t seem to like me. When I work with him, he doesn’t always want to do what he is asked. One day while working with the students, we were watching Christmas videos on Youtube. Anybody that knows me, knows how much I love Christmas. So because, of this I was pretty excited for class that day. The students were enjoying Elmo singing Jingle Bells. As I was dancing around and singing, I looked over at the student that doesn’t like me all that much, and I noticed that he was singing along to Jingle Bells. I was happy to see that he didn’t frown at me when I looked over at him. Then he stood up and said, “Dancing?” As he said this he stuck out his arms. I knew that he wanted to dance with me. I was a little hesitant to dance with him because he doesn’t have any hands. But overcoming this obstacle, I held his arms and dance with him to Jingle Bells. I was very touched by this moment because this was the first time that he wanted to interact with me. Not only did he want to dance with me but one of my other students did as well so I danced with him really quick right before my co-op partner and I had to leave.”

Thank you so much for sharing this great story Chelsey! I know that students love to feel that personal interaction. Also, that is so heartwarming that even though he has a handicap which could hinder dancing, he wanted to dance with you which shows great trust.

Maddie Mills shared:

“In 2nd and 3rd grade, a couple friends and I were in the same classes as two girls who had special needs. My teachers, instead of setting aside these two girls with their own tasks,  took the time to plan lessons that integrated these girls into the class. We sang songs and learned sign language to better communicate with my two classmates. The girls were always involved, and I never once saw the teachers grow impatient or seem annoyed that they had students in their class that needed a little extra help. These teachers seemed to take their job far and beyond status quo. This came into culmination when these teachers and the two special needs classmates of mine came to my baptism when I was 8 years old. This gesture showed me the real friends I had made and that my teachers lived their work…not just performed it. Their passion has always left a distinct example in my mind.”

This story is so great! It is always nice to observe great teacher practices especially with students who may need a little extra help. Having teachers and friends who support you in and outside of school shows real caring and compassion. Thank you Maddie for sharing!

Sarah Workman shared:

“When I was in seventh grade I could have registered to take Algebra the next year, but I was too scared of having too much work. My history teacher that same year made me promise that I would take the advanced history class the next year. Because of that, I realized that I can meet the challenges I accept, and that was the turning point of my education. Because of that promise, I continued to take advanced classes and that has helped me here at BYU.”

Thank you for this story Sarah! I know when I was in high school I always faced that decision between filling my schedule with an easy class or challenging myself with a more difficult class. I wish I would have had more teachers who encouraged me to challenge myself like you did because it definitely prepares you more for what lies ahead.

Finally, our winner is Natasha Perry. The picture below shows her picking up her prize at the McKay school and her winning story follows:

“It takes a special person to be a teacher that makes a difference in a student’s life. Growing up, I had many really good teachers, but none that made a huge difference in my life. I wanted to make a big difference in the lives of children, so I decided to become a teacher. My college days started at a Western Oregon University. It was a great school, but I felt like there was somewhere else I needed to be. That’s when I transferred to BYU. My thought of what the professors here are like was formed by my experience at WOU. The professors were knowledgeable in their subject and just taught it with very little enthusiasm. When I got here, it was completely different than I thought it would be. Professors are amazing and really do truly care about their students. It was not until I got into the McKay School of Education that a teacher really made a difference in my life. She is the perfect example of a teacher who is always prepared and knows how to teach with such passion for the subject. Despite what is happening in her life, she puts on a smile and teaches class. I have never seen her without a smile. She gets to know each student outside of the classroom environment and truly cares about each student. This teacher has become my role model and I want to be able to teach with as much passion as she does. No matter what she ends up doing in her life, whether it is going on her mission or getting married, I will always remember the difference she made in my life. As I continue my journey through the Elementary Education program, I want to be able to learn to be the kind of teacher she is.”

I too have been so blown away with the quality of the teachers in the McKay school. They really are the kind of teachers that makes differences in their students’ lives. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story Natasha, and congratulations!!

Thank you to all those who participated! Check out our Facebook page for more contests and for the latest information about the McKay school!


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