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Professors Who Care

Being a part of the David O. McKay School of Education has many advantages. However, the one that I have noticed most during this semester is that all the professors care about each one of their students. I’m not sure of the exact reason but I think it is because education professors have studied education and learned the importance of letting students know they genuinely care about them. As a student and future teacher, experiencing this caring attitude by a professor makes me realize how much I appreciate being cared about. It also makes me want to display genuine caring in my classroom.

Education professors show they care in many ways, but most importantly they give meaningful feedback and they know my name.

When I began taking classes within the McKay school I started to read the feedback given on my assignments and quizzes. I noticed that the professors were all giving me meaningful feedback. They told me exactly which areas I got docked points for and what I could do next time to improve. They also pointed out my strengths and told me what I was doing well. This level of feedback has been very helpful because I could improve on those things that I struggled with and receive a better grade on future assignments . It is important for teachers to do this at a university but it is even more important to do this during elementary, middle, and high school because children are still developing and would really benefit from learning how to improve their work.

As much as I admire my McKay School professors for giving meaningful feedback, the quality that I admire most is how they make the effort to learn every student’s name. This is significant because these professors have multiple classes and many students and  they still take the time to learn names. When a person knows my name, I feel like they know me better as a person and that they care about me. I become more than just a  name on a roll that gets passed around or a name taken from an iClicker quiz. When a professor knows my name and calls me by my name I become more than just a student and I feel more inclined to participate in class.

The McKay School of Education teaches by doing and that is one of the great benefits of being a part of this program. I learn by seeing and experiencing the practices that I will implement as a teacher. Not only is the material learned in class important but the teacher practices are also learned first hand.


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