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BYU Devotionals

As we attend BYU, we have an awesome opportunity of participating in devotionals and forums held every Tuesday at 11 am. They are held in the Marriott Center, but are also shown online and in other buildings on campus, including the Joseph Smith Building. I know that sometimes it can be hard to give up an hour of studying (or sleeping in) to attend the devotionals on Tuesdays, but I have found that each time I have gone that it has definitely been worth my time. On February 14th, Elder Kearon, of the Seventy spoke and his talk, titled, “Messages of Love”, really stood out to me. I will share a few of his remarks.

  • Most of us are far from home as we are here at BYU.
  • Messages from home, no matter how they arrive can have a powerful influence to steady you as you are away from home. Letters, text, phone calls, e-mails go a long way to help us as we are away from home.
  • We are all far from our heavenly home.
  • Do you ever feel homesick from your eternal home? He has not let us leave his presence and come to earth without access to communicate with him.
  • God, our loving Heavenly Father, sends us messages that are often quiet. We have prayer, personal revelation, scriptures, the words of the prophets, and heavenly music to communicate with him and to feel his love.
  • We are often so busy that we impair our ability to receive much needed messages from our eternal home.
  • Some of us have a poor digital diet. In this digital age, we need to be selective in the messages we receive.
  • Sometimes we block the very messages that bring us joy.
  • It is often because we are so busy that we impair our ability to receive the much needed messages from our eternal home.
  • We must remain in constant communication with God if we desire to return home to Him.
This devotional inspired me to spend less time on Facebook and to keep in constant communication, not only with God, but with my family and friends back home. Each of us may learn different things from the same devotional and different messages will speak to each of us differently, it’s really fascinating. This is just one of the many devotionals that I have attended, but I definitely left the devotional with a true desire to be a better person and to do good things. I would encourage you to take advantage of the devotionals that are held at BYU. Have you been positively influenced by a message from the Tuesday devotionals? Have you found devotionals and forums to be a worthwhile sacrifice? I would love to hear what you’ve learned. Be sure to attend the upcoming forums and devotionals:


I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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