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Applying Knowledge Learned in Classes

During my short time at BYU, I have realized how important it is to apply things I learn in class to my own life and so far, many opportunities to do so have come my way. I have two examples to share. Last semester in Biology (BIO 100), we were given an assignment in the first week of class to watch the sunset and write a one-page paper on it. We were learning about how the beauty of the nature all around us is Biology! It was a simple way that we could apply the things that we were learning in class to the real world.

In my Human Development class (SFL 210), we learned about and were tested on Developmental Milestones of infants. When I am walking between classes with students from my class and we spot an infant, we try and guess how old he or she is using the milestones of walking, sitting up, grasping, etc. Not only is it entertaining, but it really is important to start applying things learned in class to real life, even if it’s applying knowledge learned in General Education classes.

The Aims of a BYU Education state, “BYU should furnish students with the practical advantage of an education that integrates academic skills with abstract theories, real-world applications, and gospel perspectives. Such an education prepares students who can make a difference in the world, who can draw on their academic preparation to participate more effectively in the arenas of daily life.” Soon enough, I will be applying different teaching techniques, classroom management skills, and essentially everything that I learn to my job as a teacher. And according to the Aims of a BYU Education, not only will I be able to use the things I learn in my future profession, but also in daily life!

If you haven’t already, I challenge you to take the things that you learn in class and apply them to your life.



I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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