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Loving my Major-Related Classes

I am currently taking PETE 169 and VAEDU 329 for the Elementary Education program. I just applied for the  program in January. I wanted to share how I am enjoying these two classes.
PETE 169:Physical Education Teacher Education with Jami Ohran. I love this class! I’m not sure if children have lots more energy than I do or if I am REALLY out of shape! We all certainly get a work out in this class. It’s a blast! Our teacher teaches us as if we were elementary school-age and throws in little tips and tricks for how to teach effectively. One of the class management strategies that my teacher taught us is called the Toe to Toe. As the children are performing locomotor movements around the gym, the teacher has the children freeze and then yells “Toe to Toe!”. Each child finds another child that is standing closest to them and puts their toes together. This management skill splits the children up into teams or even partners for stretches, etc.  The class also focuses on different skill ques. For example, the basketball skill ques include bending knees, tucking your elbows in, keeping your eyes on the rim, and following through. So far we have learned how to throw and catch a softball, we have learned how to bump and set a volleyball, we have learned different animal walks, we do lots of stretches, and we even have done some gymnastics! I have this class every Monday and Wednesday for two hours and I love it! There are no pre-requisites for this course and it is one credit hour. In addition, it is a block class, which means it’s only for half of a semester.

         VAEDU 326: Visual Art Education with Jethro Gillespie. This class is so much fun! I have it on Thursday nights from 5-8pm. It is a long class, but it is so enjoyable! The only homework we have is to complete a sketchbook assignment and to write a one page response to an assigned article in preparation for each class. So far, we have made ceramics projects, painted with acrylic paints, sketched our very own classmates, and learned the basics of perspective drawing. Here are some of the projects I’ve made in class:

Ceramic letters for my bookshelf

Acrylic Painting
         Visual Art Education has been a very fun class. In the future, we will even be attending some art museums! The big project that is required for the class is working on an art project (or two) for a minimum of ten hours throughout the semester. I haven’t decided what my project will be yet, but it will be fun!
         These classes that I am taking for my major are getting me even more excited to take classes further into my major. What Education classes are you taking this semester? I can’t wait to hear about them.


I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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