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Taking Advantage of Fun Things to do at BYU

Over Christmas break, I talked with friends about college life. Most of my friends have gone to schools back home, in Ohio and they mentioned how there really aren’t any fun things to do at their universities. I made a personal commitment to take advantage of more opportunities to get involved and enjoy the many fun things there are to do at BYU.

One of the things that I have already enjoyed are the performances that BYU puts on. I have attended World of Dance (pictured below) and the Dance Sport competition with fellow blogger, Stephanie. BYU has many talented dancers and these shows were absolutely incredible to watch. I also had the opportunity to go see BYU’s performance of White Christmas. That was fun to go to with friends. It was a great time!

Y-Serve has many service organizations that are sure to make your day as well as help those you are serving. I have participated in Adaptive Aquatics and have recently learned more about TOPS (Tutor Outreach to Provo Schools) and hope to get involved with that, as well. I also have a friend who enjoys serving with Brighter Horizons, an organization that serves troubled youth on Saturdays. The more I hear about these great service opportunities, the more I want to get involved!

Additionally, BYU has great sports teams to watch. BYU football games were fun to watch and BYU basketball season is continuing! If your studies aren’t keeping you in, be sure to venture to the Marriott Center to watch BYU basketball this season. If you would rather play than watch the games, Intramural Activities might be for you! They organize everything from Raquetball to Tennis to Intertube Waterpolo! Be sure to visit, if you are interested!
These are just a few of the many opportunities you have to get involved here at BYU. What service organizations do you serve in? Are there fun activities that you participate in at BYU? This is all new to me, so be sure to share!


I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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