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Enjoying the Journey

As I am nearing the end of my collegiate career, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the lessons I’ve learned. One of the lessons that I learned too late was how to enjoy the journey of a college experience. As a freshman I felt a lot like a child; I just wanted to grow up and enter the big wide world and graduate! Looking back, I know that my time at BYU was wonderful, but I should have enjoyed the time as it came instead of hoping for the next best part of life. Below are two ideas for how to enjoy the journey of college.

First, live in the moment. The best experiences I had at BYU involved classes where I enjoyed the lectures and lessons I participated in. Some of those lessons were given from GE classes such as biology or a religion class. While they did not relate particularly to the education major, the lessons I learned are still with me and even now help me focus on what is most important in life. Another reason those classes were such a great experience in my life was because I focused on the class and didn’t worry about the final and what the grade would do to me; rather, I looked at meeting new people and forming relationships with classmates. When I made a friend, learned lessons from the professor, and applied those lessons to my life, the class went amazingly.

My grandma is one of the best examples of living in the moment, and she constantly finds the good in each day. While there were classes she took at BYU that probably didn’t get her closer to her career goals, she has told me how she met people and professors that influenced her life for the better.

Second, be grateful for the opportunities provided to you. Let’s face it, we live in a competitive  world. There is always something better, someone who is better, and there are better ways to do everything. Knowing this, there are two options: give up and compare yourself and try to be like everyone else, or be yourself and enjoy what comes your way. Too often I do the former, and that never leads to true joy. Life takes its ups and downs and sudden turns, but it is our choice how we react. To enjoy this wonderful ride, one could choose to look for the good that is all around us. Next time you walk outside and see your breath in the frosty air, think about how wonderful it is that you get the opportunity to be alive.

Wherever you are in your collegiate career or if you are working full time this year, make it a goal to enjoy the journey. Take every day and see the beauty in each and every one. This will be a wonderful challenge for me too. I’ll be enjoying the journey through taking more time to really listen to my students. How do you enjoy the journey?



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