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Why I Chose Elementary Education as my Major

Some people might ask, “Why did you choose elementary education as your major?” It’s a great question and every individual in the elementary education program might have a different answer. My mom was an elementary school teacher and although she stopped teaching when I was very young, I heard about a lot of neat things that were part of being a teacher. Growing up, I would often use her school supplies and create a pretend classroom in our playroom. I would set up desks and have worksheets… it was a blast! I have also been an avid babysitter ever since I was 12 years old which has given me great experience with working with children. I love kids and I love playing with them. One night, probably nine months ago, I was babysitting for a family in my ward and they asked if I would help their son write a talk to give in Primary at church the next day. I consented and was excited! Jack, who was six, was in the process of learning how to write, spell, and sound out words. He chose an article in the Friend magazine and I read it to him. It gave him an idea for his talk. I helped him write it and I was just in heaven as he sounded out words and really “got it”. It was not the easiest thing, but it was so worth it in the end. There were definitely a lot of eraser crumbs on the counter when we were finished, but I loved it!

That’s when I had a feeling inside of me and realized that as a teacher, I could feel that way all the time. To see the light in Jack’s eyes and to feel my excitement for Jack’s understanding meant the world to me! That experience really solidified my desire to be a teacher and now, here I am, a freshman at BYU, on my way to becoming just that! I have talked to other BYU students about different majors and the qualities that an individual should have in order to pursue a certain major. When speaking of teacher education, people tend to say, “You have to like little kids to be able to do that” or “You have to have a lot of patience to do that”. I feel that those are some gifts that I have been blessed with and I am best able to use those gifts to bless the lives of others in the elementary education program here at BYU.

What made you choose a major in education? Does the major that you chose enable you to use certain gifts and qualities that you have been blessed with?



I am student at Brigham Young University with a major in Elementary Education. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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