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Applying for the Elementary Education Major

David O. McKay School of Education

Congratulations! Here you stand, a declared Elementary Education major, having made the decision to apply for a major that is both demanding and extremely rewarding. The David O. McKay School is full of caring professors and relevant classes to help you succeed as you continue on your journey through higher education.

Now the big questions are: How do I apply for the major? Where do I look for the
materials? When is everything due? These are fabulous questions and knowing
the answers now before the deadlines will ease your stress.  Breathe deeply and read on.

How do I apply for the major?
First, after you have declared yourself an Elementary Education major to the
secretaries in room 120 of the McKay, you need to check with MyMap
to make sure that you have all the prerequisite classes (Civilization, Religion,
Arts, Science, Letters, First Year Writing, and Advanced Writing) completed. Go
to room 120 of the McKay building and tell the secretaries you are a declared
elementary education major and want to apply for the major. Then you will make an appointment to meet with a counselor so you can decide together what semester to apply for.  Finally, you will be instructed to go online and print out and read the entrance materials.
For those of you who are done with your general education requirement classes
and plan to start the Elementary Education program in the winter, the entrance
materials are ready to be filled out for Winter 2012 entrance.

Where do I find materials?
On the entrance materials website, you’ll find the checklists
and directions for each form you are accountable to fill out and turn in to
Education Student Services in Room 120 of the McKay building.

When is everything due?
There are five main deadlines:
1. Attend an orientation meeting. The orientation meeting is on September 1 at 11 a.m. in Room 180 or Room 185 of the McKay building.
2. Attend a LiveText meeting the day following (September 2nd) at 12 p.m. in Room 180 or 185 of the McKay building. There will be technicians who work in the McKay TEC lab to help you through this process.
3. Within the month of September prepare for and take four technology
skills assessments
. These assessments are given in the TEC lab, Room 180 of the McKay. The deadline for completing and passing these tests begins September
2nd and ends on September 26th. The best advice I can give regarding these
assessments is to practice making the templates by yourself and then going and
taking the tests. Here is an example of what the assessments test you on for
4. After you have completed and passed all the tests, and attended all the
necessary meetings, go online and fill out the necessary LiveScan
so that you can be cleared to teach in the state of Utah. Be sure to click on Background Check and Initial Licensure to ensure that you are asked the right questions. After you have completed the registration online and paid the
required $74, you have 60 days to go to Room 120 of the McKay building and Education Student Services to be fingerprinted.
5. All entrance materials are due on Thursday, September
15, 2011.

I hope that these few instructions have better guided you as you journey on the
path towards getting a degree in elementary education. We learned how to apply for the major, where to find materials, and reviewed due dates for materials and turning them in. Though there are a lot of instructions to apply for the major it can be hassle-free as you refer back to the application
pdf file
, this blog post, professors, or talk with an advisor in the Education Student Services Department (120 MCKB).



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