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Making the Most of Summer: My Story

Cape Reinga in New Zealand

Yet again, fall is almost upon us. As time is drawing nearer to the first day of school, I like to reflect on what I have done in the summer. There were two educational areas that kept me busy this summer, but I would like to focus on just one: finishing up the TESOL/TELL minor. To fully complete it, I needed to take the TELL 477R practicum experience, so I could be endorsed to teach English Language Learner’s in the elementary schools. I’m so grateful for that experience.

For seven weeks, four days a week, I taught and practiced the skills learned throughout all the TELL courses, to eight sixth graders at Park Elementary. Though not all these students went to the same elementary school during the year, there was one thing these sixth graders all had in common: they were part of the migrant program. Any student attending school in Nebo District whose parents migrated to the United States is eligible to sign up for the district’s migrant program. As I mentioned before, there were only eight sixth graders in the class, so it made the experience very easy to talk with each student and give them the individual help they needed. Of course there were assignments and observations I had to complete, but it was enjoyable teaching and learning how to be a more effective teacher/manager. Working under a mentor teacher was also helpful because she knew the students personally and what they needed as English Language Learners: modeling of the content. Also, because it was summer, the curriculum was more about review and not as intense as the normal school year, so I had time to relax while having fun teaching them core content. We wrote together, did math games, laughed, read together, did art projects, and played various activities at recess, one being soccer. I’m so grateful for the experience I had to do my practicum, and all the teaching during the summer because it kept my mind alert and focused on others. Nothing could be more beneficial than that!

How have you made the best of your summer?



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