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How to Prepare for the Internship Interview

How To Prepare for the Internship Interview

So you decided to apply for the internship…now what? Now it is time to start preparing for the interview with the potential principals and facilitators you want to work with from the district you choose. Look back on my post about student teaching or the internship to refresh your mind on what the internship entails. Also, you may find this intern selection timeline for the 2011-2012 applicants useful.

Usually, the internship interview happens in March, and the hiring process starts soon after the interview date. However, I was in New Zealand in March, and wasn’t able to attend the interview in person, so I had to do a video interview in December before I left the States. Similar to the normal interview process I could only interview with one district, and I had to answer several questions. Here is a sample of some of the questions I had to answer:

Intern Interview Questions
*One sentence about your background (who you are, family)·
*One thing about me that people find interesting is . . .
* I did my first cohort work with ______________ district in ______________ semester
* I would like to be an intern because . . .
* I think my strengths as a teacher are . . .
* The one area I am trying to really improve is . . .
* What will help you be an effective classroom manager?
* What are one or two effective balanced literacy strategies?
* What are one or two effective standards based math strategies?
* Being an intern is very hard work and requires far more than a typical job’s 40-hour work week.  What will you do to deal with the stress and workload?

Of course, beyond answering these questions honestly and confidently, you must dress and act confidently and professionally. What do I mean? Well, if you are a girl it is advised you wear make-up, dress in nice dress pants and a flattering and modest blouse, or a modest dress, or a skirt and professional looking top, and have a bright, big smile. For you handsome guys, dress pants, dress shirt and tie are most professional. There is nothing more appealing than a confident, happy person ready to dazzle any potential employer. Here are some outfits I would consider wearing to the interview:

A nice dress
Simple but pretty blouse always makes me smile brighter
A plain modest top with dress pants and flats always looks professional
An attractive top that brings out those sparkling eyes, with nice khakis to match

Though what you wear does portray how you want to be received by employers, the most important thing about preparing for the interview is being yourself. If you are loud and funny, show that personality in your interview, while still acting professional and courteous; if you are quiet and sweet, show that. Never be ashamed of the person you are. Principals will hire you because of who YOU are, so live up to wonderful person you are and get ready to shine!


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