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Destination: A Place for Learning

A few summers ago, I worked as a summer camp counselor. The job required me to travel quite a bit to different college campuses located all over the US, and because of this, I spent some time traveling on airplanes. As I sat on the airplane, waiting for the change in inertia that would accompany take off, a flight attendant would introduce the crew and give the destination of the airplane. Seeing as this is the take off point for this student blog, I thought I would provide the same courtesy.

Welcome to “No Greater Call,” the student blog for the McKay School of Education. My name is Curtis, and I will be your blogger. I am a secondary education major, specializing in social science teaching, and I am also pursuing a minor in teaching English Language learners. I transferred to BYU in 2009 from Eastern Arizona College with an associates in psychology. After finishing my degree at BYU, I want to teach for a few years, and then get a maters in counseling in order to work as a school guidance counselor.

My goal for this blog—our ‘destination,’ if you will allow the airplane analogy—is to create a forum for undergraduate students to learn and discuss what it is like to be an education major. I want to provide important information about the program for those thinking about pursuing an education degree while also opening discussion on typical education topics such as No Child Left Behind, English as a Second Language, and even educator marketability.

As many of  you will come to learn, whether or not you’re an education major, collaboration is the best way to learn and improve. Hence, as we journey through the world of education, I would ask for you feedback, your ideas, and your opinions. This blog is not just about learning; it should be a place of learning. Therefore, learning together is the destination for this student blog. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see in this blog, please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Destination: A Place for Learning

  1. Curtis, Great going on your report for becoming teachers and the help it will be for them as they go through similar experiences as you did. You are smart and a very capable person. We are very proud of you!!! Keep up the good work!! Love, los abuelos Gardner

    1. Thanks so much. I appreciate your words of affirmation. For those reading this, this comment is from my grandfather. He was a high school science teacher for many, many years in the small town of Florence, AZ. His former students still remember him and his ‘infamous green pen’–the pen that he would use to mark wrong answers on their science tests.

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